Aleksandra Asya_edited.jpg

Aleksandra Asya

composer / producer / multilingual singer

Performs music from all over the world in more than 40 languages, endeavouring to bring the atmosphere of travelling through space / time and to acquaint the audience with different cultures.


Apart from Aleksandra's multicultural music programme (including sufi, malouf, fado, rempetika, enka, etc.) started in 2007, she is still devoted to different musical genres (jazz, blues, soul, rock, fusion etc.) and composing.​

During her musical journey, Aleksandra held many concerts independently and in collaboration with other artists; appeared at many art events, such as art festivals, theatre and ballet shows, cabaret performances, art exhibitions, literary events, etc.; participated in various art projects in Balkan countries and abroad and appeared in radio and TV broadcasts.


She has been recording at studios and singing a variety of different styles at concert halls and clubs since the age of 15.